WOW...the months fly by...especially when your kids are involved in sports....
Well this month looks like this....
    Voted in as PTSA President...
        BTW have some really fun things planned for the kids this year!  
            Spirit day once a month
            Date Night (for the adults) -kids get dinner, movie and games
    Started in my new postition as Cub Scout Cubmaster...and have 12 great boys
    Filled 5 cake orders already and filling up the calendar with more...WOOHOO
        some fun ones in the making:)
    Have 2 Pampered Chef cooking shows and 2 book parties underway
and thats just the beginning....
    took the kids to a corn maze
    went fishing with the family
    canned 80# of chicken
    pulled out a barb wire fence so we can get dirt work done on our property
    Trailblazer days...scout day camp
    All month taking the kids around to sell Scout Popcorn
    and of coarse HALLOWEEN!!!
I need a date night and a girls night out!!!  :)
 Have a safe and enjoyable HALLOWEEN!!!
We are currently putting together a

"Facebook Cookbook"

...with recipes from facebook users

We are interested in recipes from people all over
Anyone interested in contributing?
go to my home page and fill out the form

Would you be interested in one of the cookbooks?

We are looking at getting over 200 dessert recipes from YOU!!!
deadline is October 31, 2011

Join our event page on facebook and keep up to date with how many recipes we have gathered....also please invite your friends to the event so we can reach people from ALL OVER!!/event.php?eid=207156272673251
August is here
and what better way to stay cool
than to rent the foam pit and par-ty....
Book a
Rent the foam machine for 4 hours get the foam pit for only $50

add a cake to your foam party and save $10

Melissa von Lutzow
Congratulations and thanks to all those that entered on here and on facebook....
SInce I am new to Blogging....Let's start this off right
I am having a

FREE Cake Giveaway

Comment on my website, blog or facebook and you will be entered into the drawing.
Anyone who orders a cake in the month of July will recieve $5 off their order.....

PLUS an extra entry for the FREE cake.
I will draw a winner on my birthday:) July 28th and I will make your cake in August.
Goodluck everyone!


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